Hotel area archives

Besides the material in the sub-sections, here are some further sources (online platforms, projects, books, films and academic works) related to the hotel area, the Holiday Inn, other hotels in Beirut and memory in Lebanon more in general:

On memory in Lebanon:

Umam Research and Documentation: private archive and documentation centre located in south Beirut, whose Memory at Work database collects and archives documentation about Lebanon’s violent past.

111101 Facts: day-by-day chronology of the civil war in Lebanon (1975-1990)

Coinciding with the restructuring of a stunning fin de siecle building and former sniper’s den near Beirut’s city centre, Beit Beirut aims to become the city’s cultural centre containing a museum of the city, facilities for conferences, exhibition spaces, a media library, a cafe’ and a restaurant.

Claire Launchbury at the University of Leeds, UK, works on memory in Lebanon from the Francophone perspective.

Accord has a special issue on Reconciliation, Reform and Resilience: positive peace for Lebanon

Lucia Volk’s book Memorials and martyrs in modern Lebanon

Sune Haugbolle’s book  War and Memory in Lebanon

Craig Larkin’s book Memory and Conflict in Lebanon


On hotels:

Said Aburish’ book The St. George Hotel Bar (published by Bloomsbury books) is a splendid account of how the political and personal intrigues that took place (well before the popular internet) in one of the legendary hotels of the Middle East.

Volker Schlöndorff’s Die Falschung (Circle of Deceit): a movie about a German journalist battling between the early phases of Lebanon’s civil war and a turbulent romance in Beirut. There are several scenes depicting the Holiday Inn.

The Last Days of the Carlton Hotel by Monika Borgmann: archival project about the wartime demise of a hotel south of Beirut. It includes a photo gallery, Facebook page, and Facebook group

Ayman Baalbaki, artist born in Lebanon in 1975. Among its artistic subjects are fighters, buildings, and the Holiday Inn

Contacts for St. Charles S.A.L. - the company that still manages the former St. Charles city centre, awaiting redevelopment. If you manage to speak to them and know what will happen with the building…please let me know!

Zaitounai Bay, the website for Beirut’s new hotel district

Edgar O’Ballance’s book Civil War in Lebanon 1975-1992 has a section on the battle of the hotels

Part Four of Samir Kassir’s book Beirut is titled “The Cosmopolitan Metropolis of the Arabs” and contains an extremely well informed socio-economic account of the role of Beirut’s grand hotels in the 1960s and early 70s

The 1980s band Abwärts has an album and a song in it titled Beirut, Holiday Inn . I haven’t listened to it.